WovVCleanCloud is cloud-based Laundry Point of Sales software with intuitive design , powered by AI. Allows your employees to manage your customers from pick-up to bill to delivery in a pleasing manner.

Why WovVCleancloud?

Save up to 600+ hrs/yr.
and USD 1800 yr.

  • No wrong deliveries.
  • Track missing garments.
  • Minimize employee pilferage.
  • Easy accounting.
  • Personalize options like service and price list business  rules taxation  rules.

Why use and pay for five different software’s when you can manage everything in WovVipos

It Works On Mobile, Web, Pc, Tablet.

Only Pay For What You Use.

Internet or no Internet, it’s business as usual

What All You Can Do With WovVcleancloud Cloud?

  • Complete track of items processed and shipped to your customers.
  • Bill your customers by piece, option to set promotions.
  • Add-on services or auto rate calculations for different delivery types.
  • Easy touch screen system to create order pickup & delivery request dispatch.
  • Mobile solutions  for customer order management.
  • Accounting system with extensive reporting.
  • Extensive customized for every department.

Software WalkThrough

Automating your business and earning you more money


  • Cloud-based dry cleaning PoS software designed and built specifically for the dry cleaning industry.
  • Intuitive design allows your employees to easily take your customers from drop-off to bill in no time.
  • The application not just supports, but helps optimize all of the functions of your dry cleaning operation so that it can run at peak efficiency.


  • The Intutive & modern beautiful touch interface.
  • Offline operation capabilities.
  • Bill your customers by piece, option to set promotions, add-on services or auto rate calculations for different delivery types.


  • Manage the customers life cycle in one easy dry cleaning PoS system.
  • Set preferences, promotional packages and discounts for each customers for all or particular branch to create a consistent and amazing dry cleaning experience.
  • Keep a complete record of your customers for personalized service, fast processing and complete client satisfaction.


  • Generate unique id for each line & keep a track of every item you have processed for and shipped to your customers.
  • Simple interface where racks can be scanned or tickets can be entered to be committed to racks for various process.
  • Run the program on a tablet with a wireless scanner that employees can carry with them while racking.
  • Support for assembly in both your store or central cleaning facility.

Pickup & Delivery

  • Seamless experience in managing dry cleaning and laundry route customers, pickups and deliveries.
  • The driver mobile app is the ultimate tool for streamlining your route & delivery processes.
  • Manage and update orders while running routes.

Mobile Pickup app

  • Bring your employee to your customers with unparalleled access to your services from their mobile device.
  • Customers can access current and prior orders, and review order details such as the items that made up the order.
  • Mobile app will send notifications to customers on the status of their orders.
  • Payments can be made directly in the mobile app.


  • Multiple payments can be accepted.
  • System integrates with top payment processors.
  • Create credit accounts for specific customers.
  • Create special discounts and promotions.
  • Receipts can be printed or emailed to your customers.
  • Customers can make payments on the mobile app.

Multiple branches

  • Manage the cleaning workflow for multiple stores from one place, with support for barcode scanning and assembly.
  • Manage pickup request, home delivery management, Track the orders, finance etc. from your Head office.
  • View consolidated reports for all stores all on one page.


  • Maintain a complete track of all your incoming and outgoing inventory (customers linen & other consumables).
  • View Item checkout history.
  • Check current inventory levels.
  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly inventory reports.
  • Receive alerts if certain item in the inventory is running low.
  • Organize your products by groups & move products between stock locations or branches.
  • Use movement history to track and control stock.

Purchase Management

  • Manage your purchasing and accounts payable.
  • Let’s you keep track of all your purchases and send professional purchase orders, where needed.
  • Vendor and catalog management.



$ 12.99 /mo

USD billed annually or $14.99 billed monthly


$ 20.99 /mo

USD billed annually or $24.99 billed monthly


$ 62.99 /mo

USD billed annually or $74.99 billed monthly

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