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Complete Software for Restaurant Owners

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An affordable QSR PoS System that is easy to use & requires no training

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Food Truck

Food Truck PoS system that Manage billing and cash management transactions at lightning speed

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Fine Dine

A customizable & intuitive full service Restaurant PoS system with offline features on a lightweight mobile platform

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An affordable bakery PoS system that is easy to use & requires no training

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Looking for Free PoS System ?

Complete Solution For Retailing

Always scalable across Vertically and Geographically

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Grocery PoS system  that Manage billing and cash management transactions at lightning speed

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Convenience Store

An affordable Convenience Store PoS system that is easy to use & requires no training

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Veg & Fruits

An affordable Veg & Fruit PoS system that is easy to use & requires no training

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Flower Shop

An affordable Flower Shop PoS system that is easy to use & requires no training

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Complete Software for WovVCleanCloud

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WovVCleanCloud is cloud-based Laundry PoS system with intuitive design to track garments from processing to shipping

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WovVipos has been engineered to be used by a layman. No SOP engineers and no expensive maintenance contracts are required. It works the way you want on the equipment you may already own, saving you the cost of having to replace or upgrade computers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and more.


A Point of Sale, or PoS system is the most efficient way to run and keep track of your business. From detailed business analytics to inventory tracking, having a robust, fully functional PoS system can help drive business, reduce shrinkage and theft, and automate many of the tedious processes that it takes to run an effective and successful business. A PoS system is an investment in your business and the best way to grow your business to its fullest potential. With a robust technology solution like WovViPos, you can concentrate on what matters i.e. your core business and make smarter decisions driven by data and your expert.

It’s true, most are! But thankfully, WovViPos Tablet PoS is not.

In reality, most cloud-based systems aren’t more than a basic web app that you can access from a tablet or computer. This means that every time you press a button, you’re loading a new screen, loading some new data, or pulling from the Internet. Not so with WovViPos.

We run the entire system on your local network, meaning that all your data runs on the Windows Tablet or PC and gets pushed to the cloud every few seconds. So if the Internet goes down, the entire system continues to run and simply stores your data locally until connection returns, and then everything gets seamlessly pushed out again.

It can be better described as cloud-backed rather than cloud-based, without any significant difference to you in terms of functionality

WovVSync is the ability that enables you to continue using your system without any hiccups even when your Internet is down. While many other systems talk about being able to operate while offline, WovViPos is the only system that truly delivers a ‘Meaningful Offline Solution’. No need to buy any extra hardware or special equipment, and there is no loss in functionality. We call it ‘WovVSync’ because more often than not you won’t notice that you are offline, as there won’t be a difference in your system. All your terminals will still communicate, all your data will be accurately stored, and you won’t lose any confidence in your system. And we are the only ones who can make this claim.

Our Hybrid Architecture is what allows WovVSync (Offline Mode). It is what will give you the speed of a local system with the convenience of a cloud system. Your software is run locally on your Tablet / PC (think of the Tablet as the 21stcentury version of your back office server), but the information is regularly backed up and stored on the cloud. The system will run seamlessly at your premise, with all the reporting and analytics available at your fingertips. It is the best of both worlds!

Many legacy systems were developed around old, clunky hardware and software solutions, and were completely based on local setup and configuration, hence it was impossible to do maintenance activity without a technician’s visit. That meant setting up appointments, Extra Charges, and, most importantly, BUSINESS DOWNTIME! Because WovViPos is a cloud-based system, you do not need any of those unnecessary downtimes that plagued legacy system support. The vast majority of support issues can be handled instantly and remotely, meaning all you need to do is shoot us an email or pick up the phone and we can have your system up and running the way you want in no time. No appointments are necessary.

Each client, upon purchase of the system, is assigned his or her own WovVScion. This WovVScion can help you with non-technical issues and questions, and help you to utilize the power of your WovViPos PoS fully. They will also help walk you through your onboarding call when you first purchase the system to make sure everything works the way you want. We want to make sure to Deliver WovV experience !

At WovViPos, we like to take the consultative approach to PoS, meaning we’d be happy to help you find the best system for your business, even if you’re not sure exactly what you want.

We recommend 5 to 10 Inch 16GB Mobile / Tablets for Using our Billing Solution, For Backend & Reporting we recommend 9 Inch + Device, as they offer more than enough storage space.

Yes of course you are, Billing transaction & Dashboard will work on your Android / iPhone devices.

You will only need a data plan if you are using a mobile solution without WiFi, such as for events or food trucks. In that case, a 2 GB plan per location is sufficient.