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To Modify Supplier Autonomy Details Of The Supplier

Supplier autonomy form values are prefilled based on values set for all Suppliers credit, discount & transporter details while creation of branch group.

  1. From the main Menu, click Supplier Master > Supplier.

  2. Click on the Search  button

  3. Enter Supplier Name in the search box.

  4. Select Supplier from the grid list.

  5. Click on Supplier Autonomy button.

  6. Tax Type of the supplier would be displayed which is not editable

  7. Enter Price & Discount details of a supplier.

    • Document Discount (Enter default discount amount from the supplier for every purchase bill).
    • Outward Discount % (Enter default discount % from the supplier on every purchase bill).
    • Enroll in loyalty program (whether supplier is allowed loyalty or not).

  8. Enter Store Credit & Payments details of a Supplier

    • Credit in Days (Enter maximum credit days for the supplier)
    • Credit in Ceiling (Enter maximum credit amount for the supplier).
    • Credit Terms (Write credit terms for the supplier).
    • Order Due Days (Enter order due days for the supplier).
    • Order Expiry Days (Enter maximum order due days, after these days order will be expire).

  9. Select Account Manager of the supplier (choose salesman for the supplier).

 10. Select Transporter of the supplier (choose transporter for the supplier).

 11. Select Status as Active for Supplier
(If Status is
Inactive then supplier name would not be available of purchase billing for this current branch).

 12. Click on the Save button

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