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Sales Return (Refund)

Sales return is one of the important transactions in any retail shop. To make sales return transaction quicker we have some quick features which helps in saving sales returns quickly.


For Adding Return products in cart two ways are available in WovVipos

  1. Sales Return by selection of customer & product
    In this approach, you can select customer & products from sales return page and save sales return transaction.
  2. Sales Return by Sales Invoice
    In this approach you can select saved sales invoice in sales return page and perform sales return transaction on the sales invoice.


To Select Customer

  1. From the Sales Return page, click on Customer Button.
  2. Enter Customer Name in Search Box
  3. Select Customer from grid list

Note: If you don’t select any customer from grid list then “Unregistered Sales” would be set as default customer for sales return.


To Select Product

  1. Add product from browser screen
  • Click on product then it would be added in cart.

Note: Only favorite products are displayed in the browser screen.

  1. Add a product from grid list
  • From the Sales Return page, click on Product Button.
  • Enter Product Name in Search Box
  • Select Product from grid list

  1. Add a product from scan screen
  • From the Sales Return page, click on Scan Button.
  • Scan Product Barcode.
  • Click on UPC/EAN Code button.

Note: You can add a product in the cart by entering product Barcode, EAN/UPC, product Id or product Alias in the textbox of scan screen.

  • From the Sales Return page, click on Scan Button.
  • Enter product barcode, EANUPC, product Id or product Alias into textbox.
  • Click on UPC/EAN Code button (for Barcode & EANUPC values ).
  • Click on Item button (for product Id ).
  • Click on your PC keyboard’s Enter button (for searching product through any value).


To Save Sales Return

To save sales return Quick Cash default payment options is available.

Quick Cash

  • When you want to pay the entire sales return amount by Cash.
  • Click on Quick Cash button of cart header options.


To save sales return with multiple tender types payment options of the customer.

Split Tender

  • When you want to pay the sales return amount by multiple tender types.
  • Click on Total Amount displayed in cart.

  • Various tender types would be displayed based on customer payment type.
  • Pay amount through single or multiple tender types.

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