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Creating New Payment Category.

Creation of new payment category allows the user to add the new set of tender types for the customer, supplier & employee for the payment of the invoices.

To create a new payment category in the WovVipos user must need to create account groups, tender groups and tender types for the new payment category, if all these already exists in WovVipos then payment category can be easily created for the customer, supplier & employee.

Note: In WovVipos multiple Tender groups, Tender types, Payment Category with the same names are not creatable.


To Create or Manage Payment Category.

Before you begin

If you plan on creating or updating payment category, we recommend to make sure tender types you want to assign to payment category are created successfully.


To Create New Payment Category.

  1. From the main Menu, click Finance Master > Payment Category

  2. Enter the Name of the payment category.
  3. Select party Relation category.(e.g. creating payment category for Customer, Employee etc)
  4. Enter the Prefix for the payment category.(upto maximum 10 characters)
  5. Enter any Remark about the payment category.
  6. Click Save button.

    (After creation of payment category 
    PayCat vs PayType page will be opened to add tender types in payment category)

Note: Initially status would be inactive for the new payment category, once you add any tender type in payment category then status will become active.

To Add or Manage Tender Types of Payment Category

  1. From the main Menu, click Finance Master > Payment Category.
  2. Click on the Search Button.

  3. Search Payment category.
  4. Select Payment category from list.

  5. Click on PayCat vs PayType page.

  6. Select Tender Type from list
  7. Enter Remark for the tender type.
  8. Select Status as Active or Inactive (If Status is Inactive then tender type would not be available in Split tender screen of the transaction pages).
  9. Click on Copy button to add Multiple tender types ( repeat step 6 to 8)
  10. Click Save button.

Once any tender types are saved in payment category then user would be able to change any detail of the payment category through these following steps.


To Modify Payment Category Details.

  1. From the main Menu, click Finance Master > Payment Category
  2. Click on Search button.

  3. Enter Payment Categogy in the search box.
  4. Select Payment Categogy from grid list.

  5. Modify Payment Categogy Details in the form.
  6. Click Save button.

We provide mostly all possible values of account groups, tender groups and tender types still you want to create new account group, tender group or tender type then you please refer Account Group , Account LedgerTender Group, or Tender Type articles.


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