Inventory Master Report

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In inventory reports all the inventory transactions data, product summary, transaction summary & target summary based on inventory transactions and pivot table report of inventory are available for the user.

Inventory Master

It displays all the transactions detail done through inventory transaction pages (like Stock Entry, Stock Update, Branch Out, Branch In, Stock Location Out, Stock Location In)

To open the inventory master report

        • From main Menu, Click on Report Master > Inventory Reports > Inventory Master.

        • Select Date to show reports (whether Today’s date or Custom date {From Date to To Date})
        • Select Pages to show transactions related to selected pages only (if want to just see transactions related to stock entry & stock update then only tick check boxes of stock entry & stock update)

        • Click on the Submit button
        • Now transactions based on filter would be displayed on the screen
        • You can also search specific data among these transactions with the help of the search boxes available in the report.

        • To open detailed information about any transaction click on the arrow button present in the left most side of the row.


In Inventory Master report you will get the below information regarding transaction.

  • Transaction Type (Stock Entry, Stock Update, Branch Out, Branch In, Stock Location Out, Stock Location In)
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Store Name (Branch)
  • Register Name
  • Transaction Taxable Goods Amount
  • Discount
  • Document Discount Amount
  • Total Discount Amount
  • Transaction Net Amount
  • Total Tax Amount
  • Total Amount
  • Item Count (Number of products)
  • Item Quantity (Total number of product quantity)


In Transaction child report below listed information will be displayed

  • Destination Branch details
    (Name, Mobile No, Address, Tax type, GST No.)


  • User details
    (Name, Mobile No, Address)


  • Product details
    (Type Class, Department, Group, SubGroup, Brand, Product Name, MRP, Quantity, Before Tax Price, Tax Name, Inclusive Tax, Tax1 %, Tax1 Amount, Tax2 %, Tax2 Amount, Total Tax %, Product Tax Amount, Calculated Price, Product Discount %, Product Discount Amount, Document Discount %, Document Discount Amount, Taxable Goods Amount, Net Amount)


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