How to Uninstall Register

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Register Uninstall

Register Uninstall allows to stop services of currently activated physical registers in the WovVipos. Once any register is uninstalled then it can’t be simply activated like customers, products etc are deactivated and activated by just changing status. 

Note: In WovVipos Register Uninstall page is only accessible by the users of admin role only.


To Uninstall Register

  1. From the main Menu, click Configuration Master > Register Uninstall > Register Uninstall .

  2. Select active physical Register from the dropdown to uninstall.
  3. Selected register’s Mac ID would be displayed in the textbox.
  4. Selected register’s Application Order ID would be displayed in textbox.
  5. Enter Reason for uninstalling register. 
  6. Click on Save button.

Once any register is uninstalled then WovVipos would not be accessible by that uninstalled register.

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