how to return (refund) sales quickly

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When user want to save sales return (refund) quickly by just selecting customer & product for return then this approach is very useful.

To Select Customer

  1. From the Sales Return page, click on Customer Button.
  2. Enter Customer Name in Search Box
  3. Select Customer from grid list

Note: If you don’t select any customer from grid list then “Unregistered Sales” would be set as default customer for sales return.


To Select a Product

  1. Add a the product from the browser screen
  • Click on the product then it would be added in cart.

Note: Only favorite products are displayed in browser screen.

  1. Add a product from grid list
  • From the Sales Return page, click on Product Button.
  • Enter Product Name in Search Box
  • Select Product from grid list

  1. Add a product from scan screen
  • From the Sales Return page, click on Scan Button.
  • Scan Product Bar code
  • Click on UPC/EAN Code button

Note: You can add the  products in cart by entering product Bar code, EAN/UPC, product id or product Alias in to the text box of scan screen.

  • From the Sales Return page, click on Scan Button.
  • Enter product barcode, EANUPC, product Id or product Alias into textbox
  • Click on UPC/EAN Code button (for Barcode & EAN/UPC values )
  • Click on Item button (for product Id )
  • Click on your PC keyboard’s Enter button (for searching the product through any value)



To Save Sales Return

To save sales return quickly “Quick cash” default payment options is available.

Quick Cash

  • When you want to pay the entire sales return amount by Cash
  • Click on Quick Cash button of cart header options

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