How to map bank accounts with supplier using quick mode

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Reconciliation could be difficult if your supplier is using multiple bank accounts & check’s to receive his dues, We @ WovVipos understand the importance & offer the option to map one supplier’s account with multiple banks

  1. From the Main Menu, click Supplier Master > Supplier.

  2. Click on the Search button.

  3. Enter Supplier Name in the search box.

  4. Select Supplier from the grid list.

  5. Click on Bank Relation button.

  6. Enable Quick available in Settings.

  7. Enter Bank Account details of a supplier.

    • Bank ( Select bank from the dropdown list).
    • Account Number (Enter bank account number).
    • IFSC (Enter IFSC code of the bank’s branch).

  8. Select Bank Status as Active for bank account (If Status is Inactive then that bank account would not be available for that supplier).

  9. To Add Multiple Bank Account Details click on Copy button

 10. Click on Save button.

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