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Before you begin

If you’re planning to assign user role to a user, we recommend you to configure the permissions of each user role before creating your user accounts. Seeing that once user assigned any role then it can’t be modify after user account is created, we recommend that you to plan out ahead of time which permissions & URLs you’ll enable for that specific role. For more information on user role permissions, please see our configure user roles articles.



To set an employee’s login credentials

You must have User master URLs accessible to set an employee’s login credentials.

  1. From the main Menu, click User master > User.

  2. Select Business Relation : Employee.
  3. Select Employee from Contact Name.
  4. Enter Employee’s Mobile Number & Email (if already saved in employee master then it will be prefilled )

  5. Enter Username for Login.
  6. Set Password for Login. (must be at least of 6 characters)
  7. Give any Prefix (upto 2 character only)
  8. Select Language from dropdown.
  9. Assign User Role to employee.
  10. Select Status as Active for user (if status is Inactive then that user won’t be able to login into WovVipos)
  11. Click on theSave Button.

This way you can create new user in the WovVipos. 

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