Creating Employee Accounts

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Creating employee accounts and attaching them with the user is a powerful way to unlock your retail’s ability to:

  • View all of their information and activity at a glance,
  • Easily add an employee for sales invoice, sales return and sales order transactions.
  • Easily ship items.
  • Track easily transactions performed by which employee.
  • Set accessibility of the employee (e.g. Branch employee, Branch group employee or global employee).



For Creation Of Employee Accounts,Two Views Are Available.

            1. Normal Employee Entry.

     In normal employee entry,all fields will be displayed on screen to fill Employee form.

            2. Quick Employee Entry.

     In quick employee entry only necessary fields would be displayed on screen to fill employee form. Rest of the required fields would be saved on basis of default values. (e.g. Delivery type: Cash On Delivery, Address would be Branch Address etc).


NOTE: If you’re transitioning from another POS system or have a bulk update to make on your existing Employee accounts, you can import your employee data via retail Imports team.


To Create Employee Account

     For creation of employee account main form is Employee Header form where all primary information about employee is saved.

     For adding multiple details related to employee’s Contacts, Shipping Addresses, Catalogues & Bank Accounts separate pages are available which only activate when employee header form is saved successfully.

     For changing credit limits and discount to particular employee of the branch. Employee Autonomy page is available which is also activated after creation of employee.

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