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When your business has more than one stock locations then you need to create and manage stock locations can be easily done through WovVipos.


Before you begin

If you’re planning to creat new virtual stock location, we recommend you to make sure the branch and account ledger you want to assign to stock location are available in the dropdown lists. Before creating your new stock location. Seeing that once stock location assigned any branch then it can’t be modify after stock location is created.

Note: In WovVipos multiple stock locations with same names are not creatable.


To Add New Stock Location.

  1. From the main Menu, click Organization Master > Stock Book.
  2. Enter the Stock Location Details.
    • Name (Enter Stock Location name)
    • Prefix (Enter short code for the stock location only upto 2 characters)
  3. Select Branch from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter Alias of the stock location (Nickname of the stock location.)
  5. Enter the stock location’s Contact Information
    • Mobile Number (Enter Mobile number of the stock location.)
    • Phone No. (Enter Phone number of the stock location.
  1. In Address section, enter your stock location’s Address.
    • Door/ Flat (Enter Door/Flat Number of the stock location.)
    • Street (Enter Street name of the stock location.)
    • Area (Enter Area/Landmark name.)
    • Country (Select Country from the dropdown list.)
    • State (Select State from the dropdown list.)
    • City (Select City from the dropdown list.)
    • Locality (Select Locality from the dropdown list.)
  1. Select Account ledger of a stock location from dropdown the list.
  2. Select Status as Active (To deactivate the stock location, select status as Inactive .)
  3. Click on the Save button.



You can also modify the details of created stock location, except branch of the stock location which saved while creation of stock location.


To Change Stock Location Details

  1. From the main Menu, click Organization master > Stock Location.
  2. Click on theSearch button.
  3. Enter Stock Location Name in the search box.
  4. Select Stock Location from grid list.
  5. Change the Stock Location details.
  6. Click on theSave button.
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