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To Create New City.

  1. From the main Menu, click Configuration master > Locality > City.

  2. Select State of a City
    (If State is not available in the database then the user would be able to create new State by (+) plus button provided beside dropdown without closing City form.)
  3. Enter the City Name. (Enter name of the city)
  4. Select appropriate options
    • Smart City (whether it is a smart city or not)
    • Metro City (whether it is a metro city or not)
    • Country’s Capital (whether it a Country’s Capital or not.)
    • State’s Capital (whether it a State’s Capital or not.)
    • District’s Capital (whether it a District’s Capital or not.)
  1. Select Status as Active (If Status is Inactive then city name would not be available in city dropdown of address)
  2. Click Save button

Once any city is created the user would be able to change any detail of the city through these following steps.

To Modify City Details.

  1. From the main Menu, click Configuration Master > Locality > City.
  2. Click on the Search button.

  3. Enter the City Name in search box.
  4. Select City from grid list.

  5. Modify City Details in the form.
  6. Click Save button.

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