Process sales more quickly and improve your in-store performance

WovVipos Fine-Dine PoS System

PoS System for your business can actually make you money

Save up to $10000 per Year.

  • Track your discounts, Unauthorized discounts, voids, freebies to friends/family.
  • Loss of revenue due to order errors.
  • Cost due to slow table turns.
  • Cost of missed opportunities for up sells.
  • Estimate of lost revenue could be saved is around 1.25% of total gross sales per year.

Why use and pay for five different software’s when you can manage everything in WovVipos

It Works On Mobile, Web, Pc, Tablet.

Only Pay For What You Use.

Internet or no Internet, it’s business as usual.

WovVipos Fine Dine PoS

  • Manage billing and cash management transactions at lightning speed.
  • An affordable PoS solution that is easy to use and requires no training.
  • Intuitive design allows you to increase your turnover and reduce errors, no matter what you serve.
  • Helps you serve customers on time and deliver on your promise.
  • It works on Mac or PC, iPad or tab or Phone and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time.

Software WalkThrough

Automating your business and earning you more money


  • WovVipos PoS is easy to set up and implement in less than 15 minutes.
  • Quick service is all about speed, we genuinely believe that and that’s why WovVipos is designed for and by QSR specialist to meet the specific needs of your QSR.
  • The application not just supports, but helps optimize all of the functions of your QSR operation so that it can run at peak efficiency.
  • Drive decisions with data.
  • Stay updated whenever you are.


  • The Intutive & modern beautiful touch interface.
  • Take orders at lightning speed & increase your average bill size.
  • Bill with or without customers, Option to set promotions, Modifiers or auto rate calculations for different delivery types.
  • Receipts can be printed or emailed to your customers.
  • The Wide range of printer option – Bluetooth | Wifi | Network printer.

Always On

  • WovVipos works in offline mode & allows you to do your business without any interruptions.
  • You can enjoy all PoS features in offline mode.
  • Automatic & Manual Backup & Sync option.

Mobile payment & Processing

  • WovVipos lets you take credit, debit, or cash with just a tap of the screen and a tap of the card.
  • Afraid of commitment? We don’t lock you into a specific payment processor like some other PoS companies do.
  • Accept Multiple payments against same invoice.
  • Option to add custom payment type.
  • Create credit accounts for specific customers.
  • Take payments where your customers are.
  • Track payments – day wise | branch wise | Register wise.

Home Delivery

  • Seamless experience in managing orders to delivery process.
  • Accept orders from multiple online ordering channels.
  • Check in & Check out option for the delivery boy.
  • Track delivery boy’s location.
  • Assign orders to delivery boy based on their availability.
  • Let your customers pay online or through cash on delivery.

Self Service PoS

  • No more long line at your counter.
  • Let customers pick what they want inside your premises or anywhere        your customers wish.
  • Don't ask your customers to wait in line for someone to serve.
  • Post receiving order the wait staff will notify them when the order is out        making it faster and better service.
  • Customers can access current and prior orders and review order details        such as the items that made up the order.
  • The Mobile app will send notifications to customers on the status of their        orders.
  • Payments can be made directly in the mobile app.
  • During the pick hours employees can use MPOS on mobile server the        orders.

Multi Location – Central Intelligence

  • Multi-Location – Single Sign-in.
  • Maintain a consistent experience between all branches.
  • WovVipos allows you to view sales overall and drill down into each branch
  • Compare employee productivity, sales of specific items and other key metrics between multiple locations or groups of locations to gain actionable insights.
  • If your business has a warehouse or ordering hub or Central Kitchen, WovVipos will integrate all them seamlessly.
  • Order items to be delivered to the warehouse / Kitchen and then distributed to locations.
  • Centralized inventory tracking | customer data management | Purchase management | Payable | Receivable.

Online Ordering

  • Launch your own mobile ordering app & let your customer to order their favorite food online.
  • Allow your customers to order via your website or your mobile app or any other channel.
  • Let your customers track the order, can see the order history & repeat the favorite food order in one click.
  • Let your customers pay online or through cash on delivery.


  • Real Time Branch wise inventory Tracking.
  • Manage the Self Life of the items, especially for the perishables. Get notified when the items reach their expiration date.
  • Centralized Recipe Management allows you to update the recipes across all your outlets.
  • Recipe Management feature automatically deducts the amount of Stock consumed based on each order. & thus keep your Food Costs in check by altering the main recipe and the portions required for item preparation.
  • Setup, identify and track items at specific levels, enables you to identify trends & movement at your store and ensure that popular, in-season products & Fast-moving products & ingredients are well stocked.
  • Low stock Alerts.

Central Kitchen & Warehouse

  • Central Recipe Management to maintain consistency in dishes quality and        taste.
  • Different location different taste & recipe for the same Food – No        problem, update your recipe for the particular location without losing        critical information
  • Food Costing – Compare the food cost of multiple outlets to analyze the        performance
  • Calculate the actual stock needed for consumption through Production        Management
  • Automatically view the Yield of each item of the inventory.
  • Order stock items based on the Yield of each item.
  • Keep your Food Costs under control by ordering only what you need.



$ 12.99 /mo

USD billed annually or $14.99 billed monthly


$ 20.99 /mo

USD billed annually or $24.99 billed monthly


$ 62.99 /mo

USD billed annually or $74.99 billed monthly

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