What we can learn and earn from the Startup Giants in India

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Startups Boom and their top Salaries

Startups are the most prominent business in India. The single idea has a huge impact on the business and it can make you Millionaire if the management and the execution are on the right track. On the other hand, especially in India with the price, sensitive market getting up ideas will be more focused.

The mind goes on to thinking about the product which can be a Cost-Effective and more engaging to the Indian Audience. It is not limited to the Indian Audience and it can also have a greater chance of getting success in other countries as well.

In order to achieve that, you need to have a proper business idea and the market analysis in depth along with the proper capital.  Even if you don’t have the capital and have an awesome idea with the basic Mockup and the structure of the product. You can get funding from the outsiders. Yes! It’s true. Kickstarter is a platform where you can show-off your product ideas in any category.

Anyways if you’re into the Startup business giants destination for Jobs. Although you will be having pretty good packages as because the startups are more into the best category in revenue basis.

So if you have enough potential, it is possible to earn an average of Rs.60 Lakhs per year which is a great package.

What are the Startups offers the best salary?

It is clear that the major startups of India are into a Unique business model.

  • Zomato
  • Swiggy
  • OYO
  • Dream 11

These 3 are well known and you can take them as a very Successful startup and can have a good amount of package. If you observe all these startups are scalable and have a high rate of the expansion rate. By this, you can have better work experience and they offer the highest packages for the highest positions.

If you just estimate the total number of hires occurred, there are around 214 people got into the top positions for the salary of Rs.60 Lakhs. They will be ready to offer you, even more, depending on your skills and credibility.


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Young Unicorns startup need to grow their business skyrocket

Companies have many competitors and they need to be on the track to maintain the stability of the Business and they will always AIM to occupy the market with the maximum customer base. So they will look for the strong skill based persons who have the highest potential to grow the company.

We have seen many examples of companies reporting losses and into the liquidation due to many reasons and the first one is the Mismanagement.

So hiring a better and skilful person is the most important aspect of the Hiring process. If not, no matter how knowledgable the person is you will see the downside of your company. The best example is Nokia. You can just case study on Nokia to know better.

From where startup giants hiring people?

First, of the fields of Marketing, Sales and product specialization are the main fields which companies are looking for. Because these fields are which helps the employees to grow and sustain the business in Long-run.

wovvtechWhat we can learn and earn from the Startup Giants in India

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