How to grow your startup sales when your business is too young

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Startups make a difficult move at the start and even more due to the competition and the capital. The start will be the hardest stage for any startup to get into the right track of business. So it is most important for any business to make a move into the world with the right aspect of dedication.

So it would be a difficult point to make a sale when you have a startup which is in the initial stage. So you need to put on extra effort to make sure you can execute a sale within you or else it would be a drastic failure of your business.

So to achieve that what needs to be done and what are the ways we can bring up sale from large Industrialist and enterprises. When you get a sale from those you will be having a lot of aspects along with that growth of your business will be the number 1 priority.


The main points need to be followed to attract the big enterprise as your customers.

No one becomes your customer until you have enough strength and capabilities. If you don’t have those then it would be difficult for you to get the right market scale and exposure. The main important catch you need to pick is to make the companies pitch for you or else when you pitch they need to become your customers.

To do so you need to find the pain points of the customer. So if you ask me, what I mean by pain points. They are the problem in the particular company and your product should be a problem solving to them at an affordable cost.

For example, if your startup is related to HR and you need to find out the pain points of the company so that you can pitch them easily and you will have a very high chance of getting a sale and can have growth in your business.

Understand the Buying Process.

See for every user and company the buying process is different and it has many series of sets of the process to implement and close the deal especially for a large organisation. Say you’re going for normal customers to initiate a purchase it just requires marketing of your website and later people will sign up and go for your service.

The normal sale process won’t get initiative in the case of Large organization. You need to follow a very different procedure to make up the deal. So large organization always go for series of the checklist before closing the deal.

If you have the product you need to show the DEMO and also the activities and functions of the product. After then the decision goes for Managers and other HEAD team members to make the final decision for closing the deal.

Always go for Face-to-Face meetings

In business, it is meant to be closing deal have a high success rate only when you have a face-to-face meeting in which you can have a special talk regarding your product hipe. So by this, you can have a special approach with them and there will be a high chance of closing the deal.

Don’t offer your product at a lower price

Many startups make a mistake of selling their products at a lower price to close the deal and to overcome the competitors. If you do, it can largely affect your business value and the user will always think that your product has no value and doesn’t meet the demands of the user. So never keep the price too low compared to your competitors. Instead, just keep it little low and it goes well.

wovvtechHow to grow your startup sales when your business is too young

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