How our POS softwares are Malware Protected

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This article is about POS Malware

If you get to see an advantage in one you may see the disadvantage in that as well. So even in POS software, there will be some vulnerabilities that can lead to a data breach by some people. But the protection lies within you. If you have proper protection to your servers you can just ignore major of malware attacks.

But there’s something alarming going rounds on the internet. Let’s have a look over the news regarding malware.

A newly-discovered cyber crime effort is targeting restaurants, cinemas. Also other retailers in the hospitality and entertainment businesses with point-of-sale (POS) malware in a continuous attempt to steal credit card information from customers.

What is the Point Of Sale Malware?

Point-of-sale malware (POS malware) is malicious software specially written to steal customer payment information. Especially credit card information. From retail checkout systems. Criminals often buy POS malware to steal customer data from a retail organization with the intent of selling the data as opposed to using it directly.

POS Malware

There two ways to target a shop’s customer credit card info: The attacker may infiltrate databases where the information is saved or intercept the information at the point of sale (POS). While there are physical procedures which may be used to steal information at these points, those methods need access to the point-of-sale gear and generally expensive hardware also.

One such method uses an extra reader connected to the store’s card reader. The next device stores and reads monitor two card information for the swipe payment. Track two magnetic stripe information includes the key card number and security code, in addition to other information such as what sorts of charges are allowed.

How does it possibly get data using POS Malware?

POS Malware is much easier than any other attacks if that particular POS System is without security. Compared to different site attacks compared, POS will be easier one and you won’t get notified even something goes wrong or data is stolen from your POS.

The piece of Memory scraper that goes to attack the system which directly targets the credit information if present in your POS System. This data is only available unencrypted in memory very briefly. However, memory scraping malware is to gather it instantly when it is there. The credit card info is then sent to the attacker’s remote computers, to be subsequently sold on underground sites. Some examples of POS malware include Chewbacca, Backoff, BlackPOS, and Kaptoxa.

How to avoid POS Malware attacks?

  • Review accounts and check password complexity. Change default and weak passwords and do so frequently.
  • Check firewalls and remote connection logs to see if foreign IP addresses logged in successfully. If there was no reason for the access, consider the activity to be suspicious.
  • Review running processes for malware by identifying the path and name.
  • Make connections to HTTP to HTTPS for performing secure transactions.

What do we do to prevent these attacks?

We have a secure connection so that your transactions will be secure throughout the process. Loss of money won’t be happening here as we are using Premium SSL. SSL stands for Secured-Socket-Layer.

What are the uses of SSL?

Having an SSL certification you will get encrypt information before being transfer via Web. This makes sure that the information that you submit to sites won’t be stolen. Beginning from 06/08/2014, Google declared that using an SSL certificate installed in your site increases your rank position, and that’s just another fantastic reason to utilize an SSL.

SSL certificates are all utilized to make an encrypted channel between the client and the host. Transmission of such information as credit card information, account login information, any other sensitive information needs to be encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

The certification itself signifies base encoded data which includes information about the entity the certificate was issued. The public key necessary for encryption and electronic signature confirmation, and an electronic signature generated with the private key of the certificate issuer.

Is it safe to Buy our products?

100% Yes. As we know about these Malware’s and we take special care to our valuable customers of WovviPos. So no matter which service you opt for your information will be secured. We also offer Free-Trail without using credit-card. If you want, you can try us over here.

wovvtechHow our POS softwares are Malware Protected

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