What is PoS Software and what are the typs of POS ?

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If you’ve been into any outdated retail store? There you will find cash books in bundle struggling to maintain all records in an organized manner. But at present, those days are gone and everyone is moving towards the advancement of technology. If you’re the one still maintaining Registers for your business. You are more likely to get into trouble and survive in the market. So you need to have a look over this technology which suits best for most business.

The software which you’re going to learn can operate on tablets and smartphones, not complicated systems that cost thousands of dollars. It is called  “Point of Sale” software. The speed at which point of sale (PoS) software is evolving is significant.

Here’s a quick look at some facts and statistics of the PoS terminals industry.

pos software

  • The size of the worldwide retail PoS terminals market in 2015 exceeded $14B. The industry is projected to grow at an annual rate of 14% from 2016 to 2024.
  • The main significant growth of PoS system is of Mobiles and tablets. Because you can also use PoS software on your Mobile and Tablet as well. Which is the main reason which impacted the significant growth in Point of Sale Software.
  • Software and hardware are the two major components of retail PoS terminals, and the software-based retail PoS industry will account for 30% of global market revenue by 2024. (Fractovia.org)
  • Supermarkets or hypermarkets application captured 35% share of the overall retail PoS terminals industry and will continue to grow.
  • The most attractive feature used by retailers in their PoS software are…
  1. Zero transaction charges
  2. You can easily manage PoS software from your Mobile and Tablet.
  3. Track of items in a clean manner.
  4. Time is money. You can say a lot of time using PoS software.
  5. Easy Cash Structure.
  6. Keep data of pending payment.
  7. Easy processing of Tax and bills.
  8. Many more…

What is Point Of Sale (PoS) Software?

PoS Software is basically used for conducting sales. It can be used in the retail industry as well as e-commerce. It is an advanced version of Cash Registers used in olden days. Here you can input your products, tally the cost and conduct financial transactions.

The whole process takes less than 20 seconds to complete the order. It can be used in any Business industries like Restaurants, LaundryQuick Service Restaurants, Vegetables and Fruits, Medical, Fashion and many more.

If you don’t want to waste time reading the entire article and want to test our own PoS Softwares for free?   


With PoS software you can store your inventory ( Products ) and assign a custom number to it. For example, if you have a Vegetable store, you can upload your vegetables to your PoS software, and you can assign a specific number to the vegetables.

So when a customer wants to purchase any vegetables, while billing you just need to enter the code and you will get the product from your inventory. You can generate a bill for your customer within a matter of seconds.

Types of PoS

  1. Traditional PoS
  2. Cloud PoS

1) Traditional PoS


Traditional PoS store data in local servers and run on a closed network. These PoS systems are built on traditional client-server architecture.

However, we need to have a close look over Drawbacks of Traditional PoS for better knowledge… 

Drawbacks of Traditional PoS

Loss of Data: As mentioned the customer’s data and another inventory is stored in the local servers and run on a closed internal network. If the system gets corrupted, then you might lose your whole data.

Expensive: It required complex hardware and because of this cost gradually goes up which isn’t a good factor for any business. In case the system crashes, the cost of re-installation is quite high.

Maintenance: Since the PoS contains local servers, IT maintenance is required.

Physical strain: The owners still need to be present physically at their stores to manage the business.

Not scalable: It is considered as the biggest disadvantage of Traditional PoS because if you need to add any extra feature to PoS Software. It is not possible to add, and you need to manage with the existing functionality.

2) Cloud PoS

This is the latest trend at present in this competitive world. Cloud-based PoS is essentially Software as a Service (SaaS). Here you can access data directly from the internet instead of storing and accessing it locally.

We shall have a look over the advantages of Cloud PoS 

Risk of Data Loss is less: The whole data is stored on remote servers which reduces the risk of losing data. Even though if something damages we can back up the data anytime.

Compatible: Compatible with most PoS hardware (cash drawers, printers, etc.)

No downtime: You can still make orders and continue your work in case internet failure. The processed data will be synced when you go back online.

Everywhere access: The is the more advantageous part of the cloud-based PoS. You can access your orders and track the status from your Mobile, Tablet, and PC which makes it very easy to keep an eye on your business.

Easy Integration of Softwares: If you want to add any extra functionalities like Online Ordering, special Guest service and many more can be possible to integrate into Cloud-Based PoS. Third-party software can be incorporated into the PoS, and customized according to your needs.

Cost-Effective: Like in traditional PoS, it doesn’t require an expensive local server. Moreover, it doesn’t require re-installation in case the system crashes.

Here at wovvipos.com, we offer you Cloud-Based PoS at very low cost which can also be accessed via Mobile, tablet, and PC. On the other hand, you can access it offline as well. 

At present we are offering Reselling program as well. If you have a proper client base you can sell our products to your customers and you can earn commission from it.

wovvtechWhat is PoS Software and what are the typs of POS ?

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