Our Mission

World’s most customer obsessed company and build products to deliver WoW experience

About Us

WovV team has been currently developing cloud based Retail SaaS products to make every day retail transactions easier.
  • WovV is a well-funded game changing and growing global product company founded by Serial Entrepreneurs.
  •  Built patent pending Application Platform as Service (aPaaS) & framework through artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing.
  •  Multiple independent solutions are taking shape on this aPaaS. First few retail SaaS products include Point of Sales, AI, Chatbot, Omni channel, Social media management, Loyalty and campaign management etc.
  •  Only platform and solution in world, which will be able to cater to multiple verticals and geographies.
  •  Founded by Serial Entrepreneurs and prior experience of building business from scratch
  •  Proven expertise of building mass scale innovative products.
  •  Well thought product architecture & design.
  •  Global presence planned and work in progress to establish set-up at Canada, UK, US and Singapore
  •  Launched world’s most powerful and affordable Retail SaaS Products – visit us at wovvipos.com

(Serial Entrepreneur)

18+ years of Sales and Product Management experience in retail domain in companies like Reliance & Gofrugal

Experience of implementing retail & distribution solutions for 28+ business verticals @ close to 15,000+ retail points.

Manish loves to build and scale products. WovV is his 4th start-up. At young age, he developed unique and highly successful data recovery software

Manish is always updated on new technologies, products, market pulse & needs.

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

(Serial Entrepreneur)

18+ years of global top management and entrepreneurial experience with responsibility of managing and turning around independent large units at companies like TCS, HCL and Reliance


To his credit, there are many deals with TCV in excess of hundreds of millions USD.

Lived and worked in Paris, London, Budapest and Helsinki

Member of various industry organizations and speaks at various forums like TiE, Start-up events and Retail Association of India.

Founder and CEO
Leaders from premier Tech companies to join soon.

Technology CoE and Business CoE teams provisioned so that WovV team is ahead in embracing and innovating disruptive tech trends and new business models.

WovV Product Development Philosophy

“WovVScions” always breathe through below to develop WovV products.


We don’t believe in manual intervention when not needed.

Configurable Architecture

Give power to Users to personalize their experience.

Built in Artificial Intelligence

24*7 assistant for you to get analytics and make decision making easier


Customer data security and privacy are utmost critical

Open Architecture

Always be open to talk to other products

Verticals and Geographies

Always scalable across verticals and geographies

Cloud enabled

But available offline when needed


All solutions we designed are tested to withstand scale.


Speed Matters


Each module can grow to become product.

WovV Core Values

Daily we live with our culture as below
  • Customer focus – The customer forms core of all the solutions. We get out of our cubes and see the real world to build great WovV products
  • Pursuit of Excellence – At WovV, we strive for excellence in what we do. Ultimately, “Nothing succeeds like Success and later comes with excellence”.
  • Happy WovVScions – Our teams share a common joy of building meaningful solutions. We care about those we work with and those we serve.
  • Expanding horizons – We believe in keeping our eyes on the horizon not just the bottom line. We continuously challenge ourselves and are agile to achieve what seemed impossible yesterday.
  • Ownership and Accountability – In a collective mission to satisfy our customers, each WovVScion owns the battle and takes step toward achieving the WovV mission.

Careers @ WovV

  • A brilliant idea proves its worth through brilliant execution which is only possible with right team. We are always on toes for those WovVScions who will join our team to add WovV feeling to our product suites.
  • Like banyan tree, we grow stronger together and at the same time, are always on the ground as well.
  • Strong learning culture and innovation is imbibed within WovV teams.
  • WovV promises you open work environment and opportunity to grow.
  • You have a chance to work on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning etc.
  • If you are ready to take the challenge to impact millions and billions and to create something innovative, come and join WovV team. Become WovVScion to drive your future by sharing your profile and reason to join us at 
  • Whether it works out or not, you will always get thank you message and response from WovV team.
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