How to Quickly add a New Customer

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In peak hours,some times its difficult to get & feed entire customer’s details into the system, The need of the hour would be get important details & quickly add new customer in the system, Later one can update the required details. Quick View is designed keeping peak hours rush in mind Happy Selling !!!.


Customer Account by Quick View:

  1. From the Main Menu, click Customer master > Customer.
  2. Enable Quick available in Setting.
  1. Enter the customer’s Name (Name of the customer).
  2. Enter the customer’s Mobile No. (Mobile number of the customer).
  3. Select Status as Active for customer (if Status is Inactive then customer name woill not be available of for sales billing).
  4. Click Save button.


     You can also add single as well as multiple details of your customer’s Contact, Shipping Address, Catalogue and Bank Account details, once your customer is saved successfully. 

     You can change credit limit based on days & amount for specific customer of the branch and you can also define default discount to any particular customer of the branch for all his sales bills through Customer Autonomy page.

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