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Location In is used to transfer in product stock from source stock location Out invoice to current stock location of the branch.


Select Location Out Invoice

  1. In the Location In page, First it will ask for Source Location name.
  2. Select Source Location from grid list.
  3. Select Location Out Invoice from grid list.
  4. Click on Select button.

Once you select any invoice then location name & products of the selected location Out invoice would be displayed on the screen.

Note: If you don’t select any source Location & Invoice from grid list then products would not be displayed in Location In page.



Manage Products in cart based on actual stock received

  1. To Delete product from cart
  • Select product in the cart.
  • Click on Void button of item edit screen.


  1. To Change product quantity in the cart.
  • Select product in the cart.
  • Enter Quantity in the textbox. (e.g. 50)
  • Click on Quantity button of Item edit screen



To Save Location In

To save location In invoice,you just need to click on Save button of the cart header options.

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