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Adding a product creates the product in your inventory. You can add a product whenever you like, even during a sale time also.


Before you begin

If you plan on creating a new product, we recommend to make sure product brand, subgroup, inward and outward taxes and commodity you want to assign to the product are available in dropdown lists, before creating your new product. Seeing that once product assigned any type, inward tax, outward tax and subgroup then it can’t be modified after product is created.


To Add New Product to your Inventory.

  1. From the main Menu, click Product master > Product.

  2. Enter the Product details

Product field


NameThe product Name. This field is used by WovVipos when searching. A good name is vital to searching products by names.
TypeThe type of  product determines if there are any other special characteristics you would like to track for the product.

Standard: a product with stock.

Assembly: a product that is made up of other products. For example, a bicycle or gift basket.

Standard Batch expiry: a product that comes in batch and expires after some periods of time.

Short NameThis field is used to give a short name to the product
AliasThis field is used to give a keyword to the product,which can be used to search products.
DescriptionThis field is used to give a description about product. 
Inward TaxInward tax class the product falls under. This tax is used while purchasing product from supplier.
Outward TaxOutward tax class the product falls under. This tax is used to sale product to customer or employee.
MRPMaximum Retail Price is the maximum price which you can sell the product.
Retail PriceThe price at which you will sell the product. If you have a multi-store account, you can set different product prices for each of your stores.
Supply PriceThe price at which you bought the product from the supplier.
Landing CostThe price at which you get the product. Supply price + Additional cost like transportation, taxes etc.
BrandBrand of the product. from this drop-down, you can select an existing branch.
Sub GroupThis is a  classification of the product.From this drop-down, you can select an existing sub group.

NOTE: Based on the selection of subgroup , mapped group and department with sub group of the product will be added in respective fields.

UOM RequiredThis field is for sale of the product in the different unit then it was purchased. (e.g. product is purchased in liter now want to sell it in ml).
ImageTo set the image of the product.
CommodityThis is for defining the commodity type of the product. You can select existing commodity of the product from this drop-down & if commodity you want to assign is not in dropdown list then you can also add new commodity by (+) button.


Product Detail fields:


Product Pricing, Brand & Groups fields:


Product UOM & Other fields:

  3. Select Status as Active (if Status is Inactive then product would not be available in transaction pages of the entire branch group)

  4. Click on Save button

Now your product is created successfully and you can start transaction with this product.


You can also add single as well as multiple values in your product’s Barcode/ EANUPC to scan product based on barcode while billing.

To Add Barcode/EANUPC details

  1. From the main Menu, click Product master > Product.

  2. Click on Search button

  3. Enter Product Name

  4. Select Product

  5. Click on EANUPC button

  6. Enter Barcode/EANUPC details of a product

    • EANUPC/Barcode (Enter EANUPC/Barcode value to scan product)
    • Maximum Retail Price (Enter MRP of the product)
    • Retail Price (Enter Retail Price of the product)
    • Supply Price (Enter Supply Price of the product)
    • Landing Cost (Enter Landing Cost of the product)

  7. Click on Save button

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