Adding a New Supplier

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Supplier details will play a important role in retail & we are offering multiple options to create a new supplier

  • Ways to create new suppliers
    • Supplier Page
    • From Transaction
    • Importing from XLS



  1. From the Main Menu, click Supplier master > Supplier.
  2. Enter the Supplier’s Personal Details.
    • Name (Name of the Supplier)
    • Registration Date (Date of Registration of the Supplier)
    • Alias (Nick Name of the Supplier)

  1. Enter the Supplier’s Contact Information
    • Mobile Number (Mobile number of the Supplier)
    • Phone No. (Phone number of the Supplier)
    • FAX (Fax number of the Supplier)
    • Email (Active Email Id of the Supplier)
    • Facebook (Facebook Id of the Supplier)
    • Twitter (Twitter Id of the Supplier)
    • Web (Website of the Supplier)


  1. In Address section, enter your Supplier’s Mailing Address
    • Door/ Flat (House number or Flat number)
    • Street (Street address line of the Supplier)
    • Area (Famous landmark near by)
    • Country (Name of the country)
    • State (Name of the state)
    • City (Name of the city)
    • Locality (Name of the locality of city)
  1. In Tax section, enter your Supplier’s Tax information (If available then select Yes)
    1. GST Number (GST number of the Supplier’s business)
    2. Registration Number (Registration number of the Supplier’s business)
    3. Tax Zone (Tax zone applicable on Supplier’s business)
  2. Select Image of a supplier (Resolution upto 450*450 pixels only)

  3. If you have a multi-store account, you can limit the Supplier data to a Specific Branch or Branch Group by selecting it from the dropdown list.
    Note: Branch Category can’t modify once supplier is saved.
    ( – If just want to purchase from supplier for your current branch only then – Branch Supplier,
    – If want to purchase from supplier for your current branch group only then – Branch Group Supplier,
    – If want to purchase from supplier for your all branch groups of the organization then – Global Supplier )
  4. Assign them a Business Category.
    (For grouping suppliers on category basis e.g. Import Supplier, Interstate Supplier, Local Supplier)
  5. Select Delivery Type for a Supplier
    (choose delivery type option e.g. Cash On Delivery, Credit Card .etc)
  6. Select Payment Type for a Supplier
    (Choose payment types want to allow user e.g In All for Supplier – Cash, Credit Card, Due Amount etc options are available)
  7. Select Status as Active for Supplier
    (if Status is
    Inactive then Supplier name would not be available for purchase billing transactions)
  8. Click on Save button


     You can also add single as well as multiple details of your Supplier’s Contact, Shipping Address, Catalogue and Bank Account details, once your supplier is saved successfully. 

     You can change credit limit based on days & amount for specific supplier of the branch and you can also define default discount from any particular supplier of the branch for all his purchase bills through Supplier Autonomy page.

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