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Take a look at these awesome features we provide. More will be added in the future.

  • Customer Capture

    Get to know your customers better with WovViPos. You can easily create new customers on the PoS, attach sales to existing ones and send email receipts! In the back-office, you’ll also find a full history of customer details and transactions.

  • Find Out Who Your Best Customers Are

    All the important data, collected and summarized for you.Sales, orders, profit margins… all presented clearly for comparison.

  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management

    Easily create customer profiles during checkout. We capture and organize customers’ names and orders with every card swipe. Combined with email receipts, we create a robust, powerful CRM. 46% of shoppers would buy from a retailer that personalizes the in-store shopping experience.

  • Store Credit and Gift Card (Coming Soon)

    Gift cards are a growing business. Over 70% of gift card users spend more money than the value of the card – an extra 1000Rs, on average. Create your own customized gift cards, featuring your logo.

  • Track Every Customer's Spending History

    A Never forget a face again.
    Track Every Customer’s Spending History
    Know how much your customers have spent and what they’ve purchased. WovViPos helps you target your marketing, and helps you know when to reach out to encourage customer visits.

  • Easily capture customer info

    Easily capture customer info on any sale and build your marketing database. Know exactly what your customers buy and when, so you can intelligently order new products that they’ll enjoy. Stay ahead of the competition and turn your customers into your advocates.

  • Identify and Reward Your Best Customers

    Identify, Engage, and Reward Your Best Customers
    Shorter Lines, Happier Customers

  • Quick installation

    Time is Money and you should not waste either of it on lengthy and expensive installation procedures. WovViPos gets you up and running in 15 minutes of time.

  • Customer Dashboard

  • Credit Card Transactions

    Credit card transactions are much faster than cash, plus your customers will love the convenience!

  • Customer Engagement Strategy

    Deploy a customer engagement strategy powered by your CRM. Capture customer information from your PoS and connect regularly to keep your business top of mind.

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  • WovVipos solved our complicated retail & Service business's problems. We sell Products as well as Services, both Onsite and at our brick and mortar. Only WovVipos could handle our complicated Pricing needs and reporting, along with the usual PoS issues. Hands down the intuitive & easy interface we could ask for!.

    Paul Mexican Restaurant
  • I was always unsure about buying epos software due to irregular internet connectivity in my area. WovVipos helps me manage my store without any issue despite weak internet connection. My data is backed up as soon as internet is connected. I am least worried about data management now. Thank you WovVipos

    Phil One stop cleanness
  • Excellent design, intuitive interface, ease of use, flexibility, multi user across Internet, separate dashboard and instant customer support

    Edevin Beta fusion