The first crypto currency exchange Integrated in 200,000 POS Terminals.

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Crypto Currency will be the future of Digital-world. This can be an aspect of a new revolution.

Let’s have a look over the advantages of Crypto-Currency first.

Security is frequently one of the first questions raised when dealing with transfers of value. Blockchain’s use of cryptography and public and private keys create the machine what many experts call”virtually unhackable”.

Because all transactions using cryptocurrencies are irreversible, scams like chargeback fraud in which fund transfers could be in block or cancel after the fact can be in the removal process. Consumers and small and large companies alike will all benefit in the secure character of the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency can actually provide more solitude for customers because pocket handles aren’t tied into an individual’s identity while at the same time promoting transparency between companies. In terms of their own clients and authorities, what’s listed and readable about the blockchain.

This implies by making observable peer-to-peer, or celebration A straight to party B trades the standard in society, a new level of liability can be attained. Anyone can get the blockchain and audit a company’s transaction

Coinsbit the first Crypto currency

Coinsbit is the first market in the background of cryptocurrencies, which has executed a big integration using 200,000 POS-terminals.

It provides the chance for its customers to buy digital coins for Fiat funds without a mediator involved. Tokens will be available for sale through terminals, even if it’s recorded both on the market and on POS ( Point Of Sale) terminals.

crypto currency

A negative from little transfers of cash for ordinary everyday purchases, the usage of cryptocurrency may make it considerably easier to experience transactions of resources using a huge value like the transfer of possession property, and houses. With only a couple of clicks, a person can send tens of thousands of bucks and the transport will be complete within seconds.

In this aspect, Coinsbit will always add coins into the market and work as a gateway for POS-terminals.

More than 2 Lakh terminals are owned by the startup Cylcebit. Also, it has branches in other countries as well. Those countries include…

  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Many other countries.

The company main AIM is that they should be capable of accepting cryptocurrency payments. Now the platform processes 1 million transactions per month with an annual turnover of card payments of $1 billion.

How did the idea of Coinsbit come to you?

They worked as a development team before and built quite many projects. They gained vast experience in building exchanges for others, so now it is a time for our own exchange!

They decided to build something different to conquer the market. They want to make crypto market accessible for ordinary users and good enough for skilled traders.

What are the main features of Coinsbit?

Integrate completely new features such as lending between users [on the security of crypto and the integration of POS terminals around the world through the exchange gateway.

They stand out for strongest security: More than 95% of all currency are stored on cloud wallets.

Another main distinguishing feature of Coinsbit is support for processing speed of up to 10 000 trades every second and 1 000 000 TCP connections.

How long does it take to build your own crypto exchange?

They had been building the crypto currency exchange since the beginning of 2017 and finished it in summer 2018.

What do you think about decentralized crypto exchanges?

Decentralized crypto currency exchanges are run not by people, but by software. So they allow the participants of the market to trade directly with each other without any trusted third party to process all trades. P2P exchanges offer high resistance to transaction censorship, are cheap to use, private and secure, thus they look very positive and understand that the crypto community really needs them.

There are so many Crypto Currency exchanges already, what makes Coinsbit better than competitors?

Creating new services that are very necessary now and which have never been used before us: loans, POS. Coinsbit is the first exchange, which provides the possibility to its users to purchase digital coins for fiat funds without any mediator.

How long will it take to hit Coinmarketcap’s top by Coinsbit?

There are very strict requirements for being on top. Investing a lot of money in our IT capabilities, they develop infrastructure which can afford to reach this place within such a huge market and meet the needs from sophisticated, high-frequency traders and institutions.

There are so many exchanges with fake volume. What do you think about that and how to solve this problem?

I don`t think about it. This doesn`t affect the crypto community as a whole. This is just innocuous marketing.

What startups did they run previously?

Engaged only in the development of IT products.

What is the intention to give to the crypto community?

Interaction with the fiat world is so necessary for the crypto community worldwide. That’s why they are implementing the POS technology which is in a link to Coinsbit.

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wovvtechThe first crypto currency exchange Integrated in 200,000 POS Terminals.

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